Giving up, letting go, letting grace.

Moving Forward

You don’t need to stop and smell the flowers if you’re walking the right path at the right pace.  Keep moving forward.

To Damning.

Your faults are not the end.  It’s actually everyone’s fault…and yours…and nobody’s.

 You wanted more.  All of it.  Every last bit.  You sucked it dry with every breath you took.  Wanting.  Needing.  Eating all in front of you and then devouring yourself.  You realized too late that your hunger was insatiable.  

In pride you launched your assault against all that was is and could be.  You failed.  In your failure, you became indignant.  You clamored for justice, though you knew none could be found.  You were the reason none could be found.  

Your insatiability took away all good that could have been for you.  You could not rest, be at peace, smile until you were all and all was nothing.  Devourer, you.

And the one thing that could save you from yourself is beyond your grasp because your PRIDE prevents you kneeling.  

You are the undoing.  The undone.  And pain is visited upon ALL in hopes that your mistake does not overtake everything.  

Sweet unending pain. Until we can look away from you and not sorrow.  

His children.  Your regret.  Your envy.  All sorrow.

Now behind me.